Krista Ivarson

Much like Bobby, Krista grew up in shadow of her father, Mel, the crusty co-founder of Arctic Air. A talented pilot and natural leader, Krista garners respect around the Arctic Air hangar.  Smoking hot in a careless, workboots-and-baggy-sweatshirt sort of way, Krista had to prove herself in the eyes of her fellow pilots.  But her skill in the air speaks for itself.  She frequently butts heads with her dad, but there is no mistaking the deep connection between them. Despite the unwavering pride Mel feels towards his daughter, Krista feels the need to prove herself.  She likes to think of herself as an anti-Mel:  much gentler and more patient, with an instinctive empathy for the shortcomings of others.  But when push comes to shove, she can be as demanding and stubborn as the old man - traits that will be pushed to the limit now that Bobby is back in town.

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