Deanna Martin

Bobby's sister and Hailey's mother. A born rebel, Deanna took a long detour through dark places, including teenage single motherhood and alcoholism.  But she has pulled her life together in spectacular fashion, and is a force to be reckoned with.  She loves her younger brother Bobby fiercely, but is at the same time witheringly clear-eyed about his shortcomings.  As far as Deanna is concerned, no one else has the right to criticize Bobby - and God help 'em if they try.  But if his butt needs kicking, she's right there wearing size-nines.  A teacher and Dene activist, Deanna's political connections have the potential to cause significant headaches for Bobby, as a guy trying to run a business. But through it all, Bobby admires his sister enormously; she is frequently the one he will turn to when he needs to get some dilemma in perspective -- despite his strong suspicions that he isn't going to like what he's about to hear.

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