Bobby Martin

The son of a legendary Dene bush pilot, Bobby practically grew up in the Arctic Air hangar. But after his father's death, Bobby left Yellowknife to carve his own path as a venture capitalist in Vancouver. For the better part of a decade, Bobby rarely returned north of sixty, but a diamond exploration deal (and his niece's wedding) lands Bobby in Yellowknife for an eye-opening glimpse of the "New North." As Bobby reconnects to his family and the land, he begins to rediscover his soul. For all his charm and personality - and Bobby has buckets of both - he is an intensely private man, down deep at the core. He has a great sense of humour - about himself, as well as others - and a classic First Nations ability to see the absurdity in any situation. He also has a long-ish fuse on his temper, although it can be volcanic when it finally erupts.

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