Lexa Doig

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Lexa Doig was bitten by the acting bug early: writing, directing and starring in her first play at the age of 6. Playing Lemon Meringue to her best friend's Strawberry Shortcake, the play won excellent reviews among the kindergarten set and she was hooked.  Years later she found herself co-starring in ITV's CI5: The New Professionals with acclaimed English actor Edward Woodward and was forced to leave a lucrative career as a cater waiter to focus on her acting hobby.Known largely for her starring role in Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, playing a triple role as Andromeda the sentient starship, her avatar and artificial intelligence, she has had many noted guest and recurring roles on such shows such as Traders, Eureka, The 4400, Smallville, V, Supernatural, and Stargate SG1 where she worked with her husband Michael Shanks.  With starring roles in Jason X: Friday the 13th, Fireball with Ian Somerhalder, and Second Sight she's built a solid reputation within the Sci Fi genre.  She's thrilled to be a part of Arctic Air working with an extremely talented cast and is looking forward to exploring a character who wears natural fibres.She currently resides in Vancouver with her husband and two children.

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