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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Who Was Louis Robichaud?

History, Political Science
2 lessons
To explore the life of New Brunswick’s first elected Acadian premier
Students will explore Louis Robichaud’s life and political career and write a mock interview.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Have students work in pairs to explore the topic The 'Other Revolution': Louis Robichaud's New Brunswick on the CBC Digital Archives website. Allow them 20 to 25 minutes to browse as they wish. Students should list the most interesting things they learn about Robichaud, his career, and his push for progress in New Brunswick.

Outline the Opportunity


Direct students back to the Robichaud topic to view the clips "Industry-building", "The 'other revolution'", "'Robbing Peter to pay Pierre'", "Isolated French", and "End of an era".  In their pairs, students will discuss why Robichaud was such an important figure in the history of New Brunswick. Students will then write questions and answers for an interview, either televised or in print, with Robichaud at any point during his political career.


Revisit and Reflect


Have pairs role-play their interview for the class. After several presentations, ask: Why was Robichaud so intent on reforming New Brunswick? Why did some people idolize Robichaud?


Students can write a one-page paper that summarizes Robichaud's character, appeal, and importance.

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