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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: We're Still an Island

History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
1 lesson
To gain an understanding of how the construction of the Confederation Bridge evolved
In this introductory activity, students listen to and view archival clips about the issues around the construction of the Confederation Bridge.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask a volunteer to provide the geographical definition of an island. Ask students to consider and respond to the following question: If an island is linked to the mainland, is it still considered an island?

Remind students that Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island, is an island. How is PEI connected to the mainland? Brainstorm with the students the advantages and disadvantages of living on an island. Record their responses on a T-chart on the chalkboard.

Outline the Opportunity

Have students explore the clips on the topic The Confederation Bridge: PEI Connects on the CBC Digital Archives website. As they browse, they should record between 5 and 10 interesting facts about PEI, the Confederation Bridge, the development of the bridge's construction, or the changes brought about by the bridge.

Revisit and Reflect

Gather students and have them share their findings. Record students' work to create a class list of facts to which students can refer as they do other activities based on this topic.

Students can share any experiences they have had visiting PEI, traveling via ferry in the Atlantic Provinces, or crossing the Confederation Bridge.



Write the statement "We're still an island" on the board. Ask students to reflect on that statement in their journals, either from the point of view of an Islander or from their own point of view.

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