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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Tour Highlights

Geography, English Language Arts
2 lessons
To research locations linked to an event, to plot locations on a map
Students identify the countries visited and the tour highlights of the Man in Motion World Tour and locate them on a map.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Tell students that award-winning composer and producer David Foster wrote a song, "Man in Motion," for a movie soundtrack. The song celebrated the story of Rick Hansen and became the theme song for the Man in Motion World Tour. If possible, listen to the song and give students the lyrics. Ask: What does the fact that a song was written about him suggest about the importance of Rick Hansen? What does this suggest about the importance of the Man in Motion World Tour? How might the song have influenced the popularity of the Man in Motion World Tour?

Outline the Opportunity

Direct students to the topic Rick Hansen: Man in Motion on the CBC Digital Archives website. Have them view all the clips, especially "The start of the Man In Motion World Tour," "Halfway around the world," "He's coming!  He's coming!" and "The Man in Motion comes home," including The Story and Did You Know? sections.  They will answer the following questions:

  1. How many countries did the Man in Motion World Tour visit? What countries were mentioned in the clips?
  2. What was the actual distance covered and what does that number represent?
  3. Why was it called a World Tour, even though Rick Hansen did not travel through all the countries of the world?
  4. How much time did it take Rick Hansen to complete the Man in Motion World Tour?
  5. What were three highlights of the Man in Motion World Tour (for example, places visited or famous people Rick Hansen met)?
  6. How did the Man in Motion World Tour raise public awareness about the lives of people with disabilities?
  7. How much money did the Man in Motion World Tour raise for spinal cord research?

Revisit and Reflect

As a class, share the findings of the students' research. Make sure that students see the connection between the number of kilometers traveled and the circumference of the earth's surface. Give each student an outline map of the world. Tell students to label the major countries visited by Rick Hansen and the Man in Motion World Tour. They can use print or on-line atlases.

Post a wall map of the world. To verify the accuracy of students' labeled maps, ask volunteers to place Post-it notes on the major countries the tour visited. Attach a label to those countries in which students think a tour highlight occurred, and note the event on the label. Title the map "Highlights of the Man in Motion World Tour" (or another title of the students' choice) and display it in the classroom.


In groups, students can compose and perform their own songs about Rick Hansen and the highlights of the Man in Motion World Tour.

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