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Lesson Plan: For Teachers - The Winnipeg Floodway: Pros and Cons

Social Studies, Geography
1 to 2 lessons
To investigate the pros and cons of the Greater Winnipeg Floodway
Students will investigate the effect of the Winnipeg Floodway on the rural population surrounding Winnipeg.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students: Should the few be sacrificed for the benefit of the many? Encourage them to give specific examples of acceptable or unacceptable situations where a few people may suffer for the good of many people. Note these on the board or chart paper.

Outline The Opportunity

Write on the board: Should the rights of rural Manitobans be put aside so the City of Winnipeg can survive major floods? With this question in mind, have students review the topic Red River Rising: Manitoba Floods on the CBC Digital Archives website.  They should study the clips "The Winnipeg Floodway," "Flood aftermath: the Hamblin family," "Planning for the next Big One" and "The floodway did damage some rural homes."

Each student will prepare a written response to the above question.

Reflect and Revisit

Invite students to share their written responses. Ask again: Should the few be sacrificed for the benefit of the many? Compare their responses now with their responses from the beginning of the activity.


Students can create a media work (a play, a video, a poster) responding to the plight of rural Manitobans.

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