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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: The Technology of Fighting Forest Fires

Science, Visual Arts
3 lessons
To perform research, to develop an understanding of changes in forest fire–fighting technology
Using a variety of Web-based resources, students will prepare a brochure outlining changes in the technology used for fighting forest fires.

Lesson Plan


Every summer, fires threaten Canada's forests. We've learned to combat these fires with a combination of scientific research, new inventions and old-fashioned courage. In the past 50 years, Canada has been a world leader in developing and implementing technology for use in fighting forest fires.

The Task

Students will prepare a brochure outlining the various technologies used in fighting forest fires in Canada within the past 50 years. The brochure must include the following:


  • A description of five different technologies used for fighting forest fires, one from each of the last five decades.
  • A picture or illustration to accompany each type of technology.
  • A list of ten interesting facts about forest fires in Canada.

Students should make sure that their brochures are both factual and aesthetically pleasing.

The Process

Students will work individually to conduct the research and to prepare their brochures. Students should begin their research on the topic Fighting Forest Fires on the CBC Digital Archives website, and then expand their research to include other relevant resources. Students should take accurate notes in point form and then prepare their brochure, either electronically or by hand. Students must cite all sources consulted and quoted.


Have students share their brochures with their classmates in small groups. Students should be prepared to ask and answer questions.


  • brochure-making materials

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