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Lesson Plan: For Teachers - The Saguenay Flood: Acts of Mercy

Social Studies
1 lesson
To investigate the concept of community
Students write a short essay about the way in which humans help one another during and after a disaster.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Have students brainstorm and describe times they have acted to help someone in need. Ask them to identify the reasons for these acts and the feelings generated by the helpers and the victims as a result of these acts.


Outline the Opportunity


Direct students to the CBC Digital Archives website and the topic The Saguenay Flood, to browse the clips "Life at the camps" and "Coping with disaster's aftermath", and any other clips they think will offer information about people helping one another in the aftermath of the Saguenay Flood. Students should then write a short essay reflecting on the short- and long-term impacts of such acts and comment on the fact that Canadians from across the nation rushed to provide assistance. Students should differentiate between acts by individuals and organizations, and between immediate acts and long-term acts.


Revisit and Reflect


Have students share their essays. Then, note that many people have rebuilt their homes on the floodplain. Ask students to discuss whether they feel that people and organizations would provide the same assistance if a similar flood occurs again.


Present the following activity to students:
Put yourself in the position of a victim of a natural disaster. Your home and your place of work have both been destroyed. Your future seems bleak. Write a journal entry describing your feelings after people from all over the country have found ways to provide assistance to you and your family.

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