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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: The Role of Erosion in the Saguenay Flood

Geography, Science
2 lessons
To investigate and develop an understanding of the causes, effects and long-term results of soil erosion
Students investigate and develop models illustrating the process of catastrophic water erosion.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Have students work online or do other research to examine natural flooding disasters around the world. They should look for similarities in the descriptions of these disasters, especially for examples of significant changes in the landscape as a result of wild flooding action. Where possible, students should find before and after pictures or video examples of the effects of water on the landscape. Have students share their findings, and together list and describe the effects of water erosion on land.

Outline the Opportunity


Have students view the topic The Saguenay Flood on the CBC Digital Archives website to observe the process of water erosion during the Saguenay Flood.  After viewing, students should construct or create one of the following:


A series of posters illustrating the progress of water erosion as experienced during the Saguenay Flood.

A static three-dimensional model showing the stages of water erosion on a segment of the Saguenay River region. 

A working three-dimensional model that demonstrates the effects of water erosion. This can be an in-class working model, or a video-taped presentation of a working model done outside the school setting.


Revisit and Reflect


Have students share their presentations with the class, and discuss what they learned about erosion in the Saguenay region. Follow the presentations with a discussion of the fact that people are still building homes in the Saguenay River floodplain, and some reasons for this.


As a follow-up to the water erosion models or posters, create a second set of examples illustrating human efforts to prevent erosion. Discuss the effectiveness of these efforts.


Materials needed for creating models or posters

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