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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: The Queen of Canada?

History, Political Science
3 lessons
To examine the role of the monarchy in Canada, to conduct a formal debate
Students investigate and debate the pros and cons of the continuation of the monarchy in Canada.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Have students discuss and list the elements of a formal debate. Students may require direction to ensure that they follow all rules and include all necessary procedures. Students can visit the Canadian Student Debating Federation website to learn how to conduct a formal debate.

Outline the Opportunity

Students will be preparing formal debates arguing both for and against the continuation of the monarchy in Canada. Direct students, working in pairs, to the topic Canada's New Queen, on the CBC Digital Archives website. Direct students to review the website for The Monarchist League of Canada. Students should take notes supporting both sides of the debate. Remind students to cite all sources.

Revisit and Reflect

Organize a forum so that all pairs can participate. Each student should have the opportunity to debate both for and against the continuation of the monarchy in Canada. Following the debates, hold a class discussion to debrief. Ask:


Which arguments were persuasive and why?

Was any argument persuasive enough to cause you to take a different position? How did that feel?

What challenges did you experience in debating a position you did not necessarily share?


Students can write in their journals about how they would react if the monarchy no longer played a role in Canada.

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