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Lesson Plan: For Teachers - The Montreal Massacre: A Timeline of Events

History, Social Studies
1 to 2 lessons
To identify the sequence of an event and its effect
Students will complete a timeline of the events and effects of the Montreal Massacre.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

If students have not done the activity The Montreal Massacre: A Personal Response, they should visit the topic The Montreal Massacre on the CBC Digital Archives website. Have them read the index and scan the titles, summaries, references, and visuals. Discuss as a group how the material is organized. Ask students to brainstorm some things they think they might learn by exploring the site.


Outline the Opportunity


Have students choose a partner. Together they will construct a timeline of the major events and effects of the Montreal Massacre. Give each student a copy of the download sheet The Montreal Massacre: A Timeline of Events. Direct students to the topic The Montreal Massacre on the CBC Digital Archives website and have them explore the clips in any order they choose. They can use the information they gather to complete their timeline.


Revisit and Reflect


Ask students to share their timelines. As they do, address issues and concerns that arise, and ask questions to focus their insights and understandings. Questions might include:


What changes have taken place in society as a result of the massacre?

What are the effects of the massacre?

Are these the effects that students would have expected? Why or why not?

What steps need to be taken to address the issue of violence against women?




Students can create a collage to represent what they have learned about the Montreal Massacre and its effects. Display collages in the classroom or around the school on the anniversary of the massacre, December 6.

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