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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Today

History, Political Science, Business Studies
2 to 3 lessons
To determine the long-term impact of an economic policy
Using a variety of web-based resources, students will research the aftermath of the Berger Pipeline Inquiry and prepare a report detailing what has happened to the pipeline project since the publication of the Inquiry’s report.

Lesson Plan


In this activity, students will re-examine the issues surrounding the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline in a current context. You can modify this activity for younger or older students by varying the amount and depth of research required.

The Task

Have students prepare a report outlining what has happened to the pipeline project since the report of the Berger Inquiry was published. Using the clips on the topic The Berger Pipeline Inquiry on the CBC Digital Archives website, and any other resources they find useful, students should research the current status of native land claims, native rights, native self-government, environmental impact studies, and other pertinent issues.

Students' reports should describe the current status of various issues, the feasibility of proceeding with construction, and the current benefits and concerns of such construction.

The Process

Students can work in groups or individually. In groups, students can divide the research by topic, and then summarize their information for the rest of their group. Students can prepare either a written report that includes maps, charts, timelines, and so on, or an oral presentation that includes visuals and written components to share their information.


Have students share their reports or presentations with the class. Students should note similarities and differences among the reports and explore the reasons for them. Attempt as a class to determine whether, based on the reports, you think the pipeline should now go ahead. If students completed the activity Issues Surrounding the Northern Pipeline, they can refer to the list of "checks" they suggested implementing to see if such actions would be helpful in a current-day construction of the pipeline.

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