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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: olutions for Drought

Science, Social Studies
2 to 3 lessons
To investigate an issue and prepare an action plan based on research findings
Using a variety of web-based resources, students will investigate ways to prevent, mitigate, and resolve periods of drought on the Canadian prairies, and then use presentation software to prepare and deliver a plan to address the issue.

Lesson Plan


The issues surrounding the periodic drought experiences of the Canadian west have led to numerous ideas and efforts to solve the problems they create. Some of these have achieved limited success and others still are not proven to help.

The Task

Invite students to brainstorm ways to prevent, mitigate and resolve the periods of drought that occasionally hit the Canadian west. As they work, they should categorize their ideas under one of those three headings.

They then review the clips titled "Worse than the '30s?", "Manipulating the weather", "A drought-filled future?", "Fighting drought with a dam," "Don't water the lawns!" and "Cloud seeding back in style?"

Students will then do further online research into ways to address the issue of drought. Each group will create another three-column list identifying actual ways to prevent, mitigate, or resolve drought. Students compare their research results to their brainstorming to see areas of convergence and divergence.

Each group will use presentation software as they develop a three-pronged plan to address droughts in western Canada.

The Process

Students work in small groups to brainstorm and to view the clips. They may divide the work any way they feel is helpful.


Invite each group to deliver its plan to the class. Remind them that their plan might be used to persuade governments and interest groups to action.


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