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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: She Shoots! She Scores!

History, Social Studies, Media Studies, Physical Education
2 lessons
To explore the rise of Canadian women in professional hockey, to prepare a media work
Students will create a radio spot that highlights the success of Canadian women in professional hockey.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students to name hockey players who have had a significant impact on the sport. Then ask students, if they haven't already, to name famous female hockey players. Identify Abby Hoffman, Manon Rheaume, Cassie Campbell, and Hayley Wickenheiser. Lead a class discussion on the students' opinions of women playing professional hockey on par with men.

Outline the Opportunity

In small groups, have students thoroughly review the clips 'He's a girl,' 'Making hockey history' and 'Playing with the big boys.' on the topic Fair Game: Pioneering Canadian Women in Sports on the CBC Digital Archives website. Students should note famous firsts for women in professional hockey, including the woman's name, what she achieved, and the time frame for her achievement.

Groups will then write a script for a one-minute radio spot on one of the women researched. The spot can be a news report, sport minute, interview, or editorial. Remind students that their radio spot should be informative, specific, interesting, and have a catchy title.

Revisit and Reflect

Have groups select a representative to read their spot to the class. Students should explain why they picked their subject and how they decided on a format. Students in the audience should be able to identify the hook in each one-minute spot.


After reviewing the Additional Clips on the topic on the CBC Archives site, students can write a letter to one of the athletes expressing their admiration of her skills, ability, and positive attitude.

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