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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Science in Everyday Life

1 to 2 lessons
To demonstrate the role of science in daily life
Students will create learning centres that help promote interest in science learning to junior students.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students the following question: How does science affect you in your daily life? Record their responses and hold a class discussion based on what they share.

Outline the Opportunity

Ask students to view and take notes on the clips "Suzuki on schools" and "First episode of Quirks and Quarks" in the topic David Suzuki: Scientist, Activist, Broadcaster on the CBC Digital Archives website.

In groups of four, students should expand on the class discussion of how science affects their daily lives. Based on their findings and their discussion, students will brainstorm ideas for creative learning experiences that promote interest in science learning to junior students. Students will then outline, create, and set up one or more of the experiences (such as hands-on science activities, audio-visual presentations, and so on).

Students should also create an evaluation sheet for their learning centre. The sheet will be completed by other students who visit the centre.

Revisit and Reflect

Each group can present its learning experience to the class, or you can set up all learning experiences as centres around the room and have students visit each one. Have students complete evaluation sheets for any centres they visit or activities they do. As a class, discuss how each activity succeeds in making science interesting and accessible to the audience.


Invite a classroom of junior students to take part in the learning centres. They can fill out evaluation forms as well. Interested students can make revisions to their centres based on feedback received.

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