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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Sacrifice

History, Visual Arts, English Language Arts
1 to 2 lessons
To respond to an idea through creative arts
Students reflect on the sacrifices of peacekeepers and of inhabitants of war-torn areas and write and illustrate a poem comparing and connecting these groups.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

In a class discussion, ask students to reflect on times when they had to spend time away from members of their family. Ask them to identify their feelings and to relate these to colourful words and phrases. List student responses for later reference.

Outline the Opportunity

Begin this activity by explaining to students that you will be showing them a video clip about peacekeeping. Ask them to look for any references to the impacts of war and peacekeeping on those people other than peacekeepers. Show the class the clip "Christmas in Cyprus" from the topic Peacekeeper to the World on the CBC Digital Archives website.

After viewing, students write a poem comparing the impact of war on the families of peacekeepers and the families of slain soldiers on Cyprus. The poem should finish with some kind of statement that ties the two groups together.

Revisit and Reflect

Students create visuals or music that reflect the mood of their poem. Display the poems in the classroom or have students present them where applicable.

Assessment Tip

Note whether student work reflects the conventions of poetry and how effectively the music or art background suits the poem.


Compile the poems into a class book to be shared throughout the school or for delivery to a Canadian peacekeeping mission.

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