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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Poster Presentations

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To explain how nuclear power is used to produce electricity
Students will create visual displays explaining how nuclear power is used to produce electricity.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Discuss using simple diagrams how electricity is generated. Be sure to define such terms as generator, turbine, AC current, and voltage. In a general discussion have the class come up energy sources used to turn the turbines. Students should also identify any problems they know of that are associated with each source (for example, acid rain and black lung with coal; native land claims with hydroelectric power).

Outline the Opportunity

Have groups of two to four students review the clips titled "Canada and the atom", "The 'National Research Universal...'", and "First Candu reactor powers Canadian..." on the topic Candu: The Canadian Nuclear Reactor on the CBC Digital Archives website. Using their findings, students will create a display board that shows the chain reaction, the fission process, and a schematic diagram of the reactor. They should also include a brief explanation of each step.

To enhance their display, students should add a collage of visuals describing other aspects of the nuclear program that they have found by browsing the site.

Revisit and Reflect

Have students present their displays. They should describe and explain the extra visuals they found and indicate any theme that their display represents.


Students can choose one of the other aspects of nuclear power that they have depicted and write a brief essay explaining that aspect.


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