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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: My Canada Includes...

History, Social Studies
1 lesson
To analyze actions that promote Canadian unity; to prepare an action plan
In this introductory activity, students outline an action plan for creating an item or process that promotes Canadian unity.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

In a general class discussion, have students describe times when they were part of a celebration for Canada (for example, Canada Day, Victoria Day, local heritage events). How did those celebrations show support for a united Canada? Record student ideas for later reference.

Outline the Opportunity

Show the students the clip "Rallying for Unity" from the topic Separation Anxiety: The 1995 Quebec Referendum on the CBC Digital Archives website.

Briefly discuss the content, and then ask: How does the rally show support for a united Canada? How does it compare with the list we made?

Place students in pairs and ask them to decide on an action plan for an event or item that promotes Canadian unity. Students prepare an oral or written presentation to describe their plan and create any items that go with it (such as a pin or bracelet). Provide art supplies and/or computer access for students to complete their presentation.

Revisit and Reflect

Have pairs present their work to the class. As a class, select the five ideas that best show a united Canada and, if possible, work on one or more of them as a class.


Some students can choose to present their ideas to an audience outside the school.


  • art supplies

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