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Lesson Plan: For Teachers - Mulroney: Legend or Legacy?

History, Political Science, ENglish Language Arts
2 lessons
To represent and understand varying viewpoints
Students will debate the contribution of Brian Mulroney to Canada.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Discuss students' opinions about Brian Mulroney.

What contributions did he make to Canada?
How did he affect Canada?
In which events did he play a key role?

Outline the Opportunity

Divide the class into groups. Present the following statement: Brian Mulroney made a positive contribution to Canada.

Direct students to the topic Brian Mulroney: The Negotiator on the CBC Digital Archives website and have them view all clips. From the information they gather, they will make notes that either support or oppose the statement.

Groups should then develop their notes into a clear summary of a position to either support or oppose the statement. Remind students to provide and prepare evidence to support their position.

Revisit and Reflect

Have each group present its position, and provide time for a brief rebuttal following each presentation. Oversee and guide the discussion to ensure that students stay focused and their statements remain impersonal.

Following the formal debate, invite students to share their personal beliefs and how they felt about advocating a position that they may not support.


Students can present their debate to another class and ask the class to vote. Students can also seek feedback from the other class as to their views on how both sides were presented and supported.

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