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Lesson Plan: For Teachers - Minor Hockey: Pros and Cons

Social Studies, English Language Arts
1 to 2 lessons
To investigate the pros and cons of minor hockey from the viewpoint of parents, players, and coaches
Students hold a panel discussion representing parents, players, and coaches and their viewpoints about minor hockey.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Write the following two headings on the board: "Positive Aspects of Minor Hockey", "Problems with Minor Hockey". Have students work in groups of three or four to brainstorm and record ideas for each heading. Discuss their responses as a class.

Outline the Opportunity


Divide the class into three groups. Direct each group to the topic The Spirit of Hockey on the CBC Digital Archives website. Assign each group one of the following perspectives: parents, players, or coaches. From these perspectives, students will find information to support both the pros and cons generated by the class.

Each group should begin with the clip "The language of hockey", and then review "Hockey gets organized" and "Minor hockey, major problems."


The parent group will need to review the clips "Early morning practice", "Canada's hockey dad", and "Parents' penalty: 12 hours for rushing".


The coaches group will review the clips "Instilling the passion", and "Canada's hockey dad".


The players group will review the clips "Parents' penalty: 12 hours for rushing", and "The skinny on shinny".

Each group should summarize its findings, prepare a set of points to share with the class, and choose two people to speak on its behalf.

Revisit and Reflect


Assemble the speakers for each group. Act as moderator and hold a panel discussion about the pros and cons of minor hockey. Allow for input from the rest of the class at the end of each presentation.


Students can write an opinion paragraph describing whether minor hockey is beneficial or is flawed and needs changing.