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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Investigating Daycare in Canada

History, Social Studies, Political Science
2 lessons
To collect, organize, and present information
In this introductory activity, students will collect and present information on the history of daycare in Canada.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students to raise their hands if they attended daycare before they started attending school. As a class discuss the issues of daycare, dual-income families, and one parent staying home to raise children. The following questions should be raised: What challenges do you think might arise for parents who both work outside the home? What are the pros and cons of having a child in daycare? Should the government regulate and oversee daycare the way it does public education? Why or why not? Should the government subsidize daycare? Why or why not?

Outline the Opportunity


Working in small groups, have students visit Who Cares for Our Kids?: The Changing Face of Daycare in Canada on the CBC Digital Archives website.


Place students in groups of four or five and assign one group to the clips "Daycare during wartime" and "The housewife and the working girl", one group to the clips "Callwood defends daycare" and "'Daycare's time has come'", one group to the clips "Putting your child first" and "Is daycare bad for boys?", one group to the clip "The state of daycare", one group to the clips "Broken promises", "Quebec's $5 revolution" and "A lottery for the lucky," and one group to the clips "A failing grade" and "Daycare down under."


Students should read the Did You Know? sections with each clip as well. As they view, have students take notes on the download sheet Investigating Daycare in Canada.

Groups will transfer the key points about their clips onto chart paper.


Revisit and Reflect


Invite each group to display and present its findings to the class, in order of the clips as listed. Encourage discussion and questioning to be sure that all students have a good understanding of what is presented on the site.




Students can write an information paragraph or essay summarizing the findings of their group.

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