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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Introduction to Media Concentration and Convergence

Business Studies, History, Media Studies
2 lessons
To introduce students to the concepts of concentration and convergence in media ownership
In this introductory activity, students define terms and explore media concentration and convergence.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Students will work in pairs to define and give examples of the following terms: mass media, information superhighway, media concentration, media convergence, journalistic ethics, and editorial policy. Students may use the CBC Digital Archives website on the topic Concentration to Convergence: Media Ownership in Canada, dictionaries, or previous knowledge to help them define the terms. Lead a class discussion to arrive at satisfactory definitions and examples.

Outline the Opportunity

Direct students to the topic Concentration to Convergence: Media Ownership in Canada on the CBC Digital Archives website. Students will explore the site and answer the following questions (also available on the download sheet Introduction to Media Concentration and Convergence):


Why was there a need for the Royal Commissions?

What did each Royal Commission advise?

What was government's response to each Royal Commission? What was the owners' response to each Royal Commission?

Describe examples of media convergence mentioned on the site.

Describe examples of media concentration mentioned on the site.

Describe one example of a new voice in the world of media conglomerates.

Why is it important to have a local or community newspaper?

Why are media conglomerates increasingly viewed as good for Canada?

What is the CRTC? What is the role of the CRTC?

Revisit and Reflect

Have students share and discuss their findings, either orally or in written form.


Students can use their journals to note their family's media consumption over the course of a few days. Students should note if any of the media converge and list positive and negative effects of that convergence.

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