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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Exploring Space

Science, Social Studies
2 to 3 lessons
To examine and analyze the elements of space exploration and demonstrate understanding of the current state of space exploration.
Using a variety of Web-based resources, students generate a visual and textual overview of the future of the space program.

Lesson Plan


The success of Canadarm and the many successful missions of the shuttle are all tainted by shuttle disasters. However, the space program continues. The space station is being built, newer and better shuttles are being designed, satellites are constantly being launched for various purposes, and future missions to the moon and Mars are once again being considered.

The Task

Students will create a Web page or other visual and textual summary, such as a poster board display, on one of the following topics:


Life in space: The effects of weightlessness on the human body and the effect of being in space on the mind.

Life in space: The daily routines of living in a space station.

The International Space Station: Current status and future plans.

New space shuttles: The old shuttles are nearing their expiry dates. What will the new shuttles look like?

Unstaffed missions: What are the current satellites, rovers, and probes doing? How long are their life expectancies? What future unstaffed missions are planned?

Staffed Moon and Mars missions: The possibility is again being discussed.

Students should include both text and visuals in their presentations.

The Process

Students will work in small groups. Groups should begin their research on the topic Canadarm: A Technology Star on the CBC Digital Archives website. Groups should create their presentation with the future of the space industry, and Canada's place in it, in mind. Groups should cite any resources used in their presentations.


Allow students time to review each other's work. Combine students' work to create a class Web site about the current state of space exploration and what the future might hold.

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