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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Essay on Atwood's Works

English Language Arts
4 lessons
To read and research a selection of Atwood’s works to create a critical essay
Students will create a critical essay based on research of a selection of Atwood's works.

Lesson Plan


The topic Margaret Atwood: Queen of CanLit contains many topics for further investigation. Ask students to explore the CBC Digital Archives website and to consider a topic about Atwood and her writing for further analysis, such as:

the evolution of the survival theme in her works; the theme of madness; a character study; the treatment of the wilderness; her writing style; and male-female relationships.

They can examine any of the genres she uses, including children's literature and cartoons.

The Task

Have students begin their research on the topic Margaret Atwood: Queen of CanLit on the CBC Digital Archives website. Have them explore the topic, take notes, and use the information and ideas generated by their research to decide on a specific topic for a critical essay. Distribute the download sheet Essay on Atwood's Works to help students with their writing. Students should also use the works of Margaret Atwood as appropriate to their topic.

The Process

Students create a thesis statement and inquiry questions to create an outline for their essay. When they are satisfied with their outline, they can write a rough draft and edit and proofread it, applying correctly the usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation conventions. Finally, they have their essays peer-edited, sharing their responses to each other's writing and providing objective and constructive suggestions for improvement.



Students write and submit their final products for assessment.

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