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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Daycare Options in Your Community

Social Studies, Business Studies
3 to 4 lessons
To investigate an issue relating to the local community
Using a variety of web-based resources, students will investigate the options for daycare in their community.

Lesson Plan

The Task

Students will research the various daycare options available in their local community and create a brief presentation outlining these options. For each option they find, students should summarize and evaluate information about the following:

Flexibility (Hours available/Late pick-up policy)
Philosophy (if any)
Educational programming (if any)
Other features/services provided

The Process

Students will work in groups. They can begin with the topic Who Cares for Our Kids?: The Changing Face of Daycare in Canada on the CBC Digital Archives website in order to find the background information they need and to complete their outline. Students need to become familiar with who uses daycare, why they use daycare, and what issues are important when choosing daycare. They should approach the task from the perspective of parents who are researching daycare options for their children.

Next, students will use other Internet sources to search for the various daycare options available in their local community.

Once they have researched the various options, students will prepare a brief presentation outlining their findings. This can be an oral presentation, a brochure, or any other format they think would be helpful to parents looking for information.


Have students present their findings to the class. At the end of their presentation each group member should identify which daycare option they would choose and explain why.

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