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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Davis Inlet Timeline

Social Studies, English Language Arts
2 lessons
To construct a timeline
Students will create an illustrated timeline of key events in the history of Davis Inlet.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Hold a class discussion about what students know about alcohol abuse. Have students write or draw their response and share it in groups of four. Ask students, in their groups, to list the short-term and long-term effects of alcohol abuse. As a whole group, compile a list of the most common effects.

Outline the Opportunity

Direct students to the topic Davis Inlet: Innu Community in Crisis on the CBC Digital Archives website. In small groups, have students browse the clips titled "'A well-intentioned bumbling'", "A heart-wrenching cry for help", "World's most suicide-ridden people", "'I'll never stop sniffing gas'", "A new beginning", and "New homes, same old problems".

Each group will create an illustrated timeline that represents the key events covered in the clips.

Assessment Tip
Have students complete a peer evaluation on the download sheet Davis Inlet Timeline for the students in their group. Students share and discuss the evaluation with their group.

Revisit and Reflect

Have students post their timelines, and then have them share and discuss their work.


Students can research and write a profile of Katie Rich, the former chief of the Innu band.

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