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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Clowning Around

Social Studies, Visual Arts, English Language Arts
1 lesson
To develop research skills by finding data from a video source.
Students examine the role of the rodeo clown.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students to discuss their experiences with clowns and if they have ever seen a rodeo clown in action. Generate a list of roles clowns play, where they are most often seen, and how the students feel about clowns.

Outline the Opportunity

Distribute the download sheet Clowning Around and review the questions. Direct students to the topic Calgary Stampede: Celebrating Canada's Western Heritage on the CBC Digital Archives website. Students will view the video and read the information provided in the clip titled "Serious clowning around" to complete the download sheet.

Revisit and Reflect

Review students' responses. Have students draw a picture illustrating one aspect of a rodeo clown's job.


If possible, take students to a local rodeo. Have them pay particular attention to the role and work of the rodeo clown. Alternatively, students can write a journal entry describing a day in the life of a rodeo clown.


Drawing materials

Download PDF


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