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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Celebrating Stratford

English Language Arts
2 to 3 lessons
To produce a creative work celebrating a place or event
Students will use a variety of web-based resources to research the Stratford Festival, then complete a creative project of their choice that celebrates the Festival.

Lesson Plan


The Stratford Festival is entertaining, educational, and enjoyable. To represent these aspects of the Festival and, at the same time, to learn about the Festival, students have the opportunity to pursue a creative project of their choice that teaches about the Festival in an entertaining way. You can modify this activity to suit the age and ability of your students.

The Task

Students will complete a creative project that reflects their knowledge of the Stratford Festival. They will use the resources on the topic The Stratford Festival: the First 50 Years on the CBC Digital Archives website, as well as other online and print resources, to research the Festival in depth. Then, based on their own skills and interests, students will select a final product (for example, a game, bulletin board display, poster, website, report, brochure, costume study, props catalogue) to share their information and celebrate the Festival.

The Process

Students may wish to begin by identifying their end product so that as they research, they have a clearer idea of the kind of information they need. Some students may wish to work in groups to complete this project. If they do so, they will be able to practice their group-work skills by determining together what their end product will be. You may choose to have students write a proposal for their project subject to your approval.

Students should make clear notes as they research and use those notes to write an outline of their project. Students will then complete a final product that is suitable for display and appeals to their audience.

Provide students with time to complete their project, to have it reviewed by you or by a peer, and to make any necessary revisions.


Invite students to share their projects with the class over several weeks. Encourage class discussion about the effectiveness of the projects. You might also wish to have students reflect in their journals about how each project reaches its goals of being educational, interesting, and entertaining. Consider as well having students reflect on why and how they feel their own project achieves these goals.

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