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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Canada's Golden Age

History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
3 lessons
To identify a sequence of historical events and their impact on a country
Students investigate Canada’s “Golden Age” to identify the events and accomplishments that created this label.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Point out to students that Louis St-Laurent's years in office are referred to as Canada's "Golden Age." Discuss with students what they think the term implies. Ask: What events in your own lives would have to happen for you to consider it a golden time?

Working in small groups, students create a word web with the term "golden age" in the centre. Ask students to identify categories that would contribute to a nation's Golden Age with specific examples for each. Have each group share its web.

Outline the Opportunity

Direct students to the topic Uncle Louis and Canada's Golden Age on the CBC Digital Archives website. In their groups, have students browse the clips "St-Laurent welcomes Newfoundland," "Father of the Atlantic Pact," "Chairman of the board" and "Bridging the St. Lawrence," as well as the other links provided. Identify events and accomplishments that would have helped distinguish those years as a booming, happy Golden Age in Canada.

Have students create a poster with words and visuals to represent this Golden Age.

Revisit and Reflect

Gather students to share and discuss their posters. Ask: To what extent can St-Laurent and his Liberal government take credit for this Golden Age?


Do further research to determine to what extent this Golden Age applied to all Canadians in all parts of the country. Write a position paper entitled: The Dark Side of the Golden Age.


  • poster board
  • drawing materials

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