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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Canada at Vimy Ridge

History, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Media Studies
3 lessons
To identify and describe the significance to Canada of the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France
Students create a slide show about the Vimy Ridge Memorial, its significance to Canada, and the reasons why it was erected.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students to brainstorm types of memorials (e.g., statues, plaques) they have seen. Ask: What purpose do memorials serve? What do memorials suggest about the importance placed upon the person(s) or events that they commemorate?

Tell students about the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France. The memorial is considered a symbol of Canada's coming of age as a nation.

Outline the Opportunity

In pairs, have students listen to the clip "Going over the top at Vimy Ridge", including the Did You Know? section, on the topic The First World War: Canada Remembers on the CBC Digital Archives website. As well, they are to view and listen to the clips "Unveiling the Vimy Ridge Memorial," "Return to Vimy Ridge," and "Vimy Ridge 75th anniversary."

Students use their information to answer the questions on the download sheet Canada at Vimy Ridge, and then create a slide show that gives important facts and images about the Vimy Ridge Memorial.

Assessment Tip
As a class, develop a rubric for evaluating the slide shows.

Revisit and Reflect

Have students present their slide shows to the class. Lead a discussion about what the memorial suggests about the importance of Canadian soldiers' contributions to the war effort of the First World War, and how the outcome of the Battle of Vimy Ridge contributed to how other nations view Canada.



Students can assume the identity of a Canadian newspaper reporter either in the time period of the unveiling of the Vimy Ridge Memorial or of the Vimy Ridge 75th anniversary. They write a newspaper report of the event (following the 5 Ws and how) as well as accounts of reactions of attendees at the event.

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