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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Calgary Stampede Traditions

Social Studies
1 lesson
Calgary Stampede Traditions
Students create a word web to identify how the traditions of the Calgary Stampede build community.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

In small groups, have students talk about their family traditions. As a class, have students share some of these and identify those that relate to special events or times and those that are day-to-day traditions. Ask them to explain why these traditions exist and what effect they have on their families.

Outline the Opportunity

In their original small groups, have students browse the topic Calgary Stampede: Celebrating Canada's Western Heritage on the CBC Digital Archives website to find examples of Calgary Stampede traditions. Have students list the traditions found at the stampede and create a word web to illustrate the emotions and atmosphere created by these traditions.

Revisit and Reflect

Ask: How do the traditions and atmosphere at the Calgary Stampede affect the way visitors to the stampede treat one another, compared with the rest of the year? Have students share their opinions and observations. Ask: How can visitors to the stampede take the positive feelings and atmosphere generated during the stampede and recreate them throughout the year?


Students can identify or create classroom traditions that enhance a spirit of community within the classroom.

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