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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Bombardier's Mission Statement

Business Studies
1 lesson
To understand and apply the process of writing a corporate mission statement
Students will develop a mission statement for an organization.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Write the name of three or four well-known organizations on the board or chart paper. In small groups, students will list what each business tries to provide to its customers or clients and how it does so. Ask groups to share their work with the class and identify that this is the basis of a company's mission statement. Have the students look up the term "mission statement" in a good dictionary or online.

Outline the Opportunity

Provide students with the download sheet Mission Statement. Have them review the CBC's Mission Statement and the list of Mission Statement Essentials. Direct students to the topic Bombardier: The Snowmobile Legacy on the CBC Digital Archives website. In their original groups, students will explore the history of the Bombardier Corporation and develop a mission statement based on their findings from the site.

Revisit and Reflect

Each group will present their mission statement. Students should be prepared to ask and answer questions. After the presentations, allow the students time to revise their statements based on the class's response.

Have students explore the Bombardier website at www.bombardier.com to note the similarities and differences between the mission statement their group wrote and the one found on Bombardier's site.


Present the statement: Bombardier Corporation might never have entered the aerospace or mass transportation markets had it viewed its mission differently. Students can respond to this statement in any written or oral form they choose.

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