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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Advertising the Stratford Festival

English Language Arts
1 to 2 lessons
To work with elements of design; to understand the partnership between art and business
Students will create a display advertisement for the Stratford Festival based on information gathered from the website.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Show the class some display advertisements gathered from magazines or newspapers, or ask the students to bring in examples of ads they think are effective. For each ad, have the students identify the target audience and how the ad appeals to this audience. Ask students what techniques make each advertisement effective, for instance, colour, design, headline, image, visuals, type/font, body copy, claims, and so on.

Outline the Opportunity

Have students spend at least 30 minutes on the topic The Stratford Festival: the First 50 Years on the CBC Digital Archives website. Then have students discuss, as a class, the target audience of the Stratford Festival. Their discussion should include an explanation of the ways that various artistic directors have tried to appeal to this audience. Students should support their comments with examples they have seen on the website.

Working individually, students should create an original display advertisement for the Festival in general, a particular play, or a particular season. Their ad should appeal to the target audience and encourage attendance.

Revisit and Reflect


Have students hand in their completed display advertisements. Invite interested students to present their ads to the class. The students in the audience should note what the effective elements of each ad are, and describe how they think the ad appeals to its target audience. Post the final products in the classroom.


Have students examine in depth some of the display advertisements in a Stratford Festival brochure or season pamphlet. They should identify the various elements of the advertisements and the techniques the advertisers use to sell their product, and describe how advertisers appeal to the target audience.

Students as a group are a part of the target audience of the Stratford Festival. Ask students to write a paragraph explaining how this fact may affect the artistic director's choice of plays.


Craft materials

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