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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: Advertising Hockey

English Language Arts, Physical Education
2 to 3 lessons
To create advertisements in a variety of media to suit a given purpose
In this introductory activity, students create advertisements, in the medium of their choice, for minor hockey or women’s hockey.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Ask students to name different media (such as television, radio, movies, magazines, billboards) for advertising. List their responses and include internet advertising if students do not suggest it. As a class, discuss the messages that advertisers are trying to send with each type of advertisement, from selling merchandise to raising awareness of issues.


Outline the Opportunity


Students will work in small groups to create an advertisement, in the medium of their choice, for minor hockey or for women's hockey. Direct students to the topic The Spirit of Hockey on the CBC Digital Archives website. For background, have students review the clip "The language of hockey".  Then have the students browse the site and read the summaries of each clip. In small groups, they choose one or two clips on which they will base their advertisement. They research on their own and then gather with their group members to share and summarize their ideas. They then create and, if necessary, rehearse their presentation.


Revisit and Reflect

Students present their advertisements to the class. Students can act out, read, or display their advertisements, or use a projector system to present online advertisements. Have the audience complete the evaluation on the download sheet Advertising Hockey. Collect the evaluations and provide them to each group.


As a class, students can discuss which methods of advertising they thought were most effective. Ask them to give examples from current marketing campaigns that use similar methods.

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