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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: A Species and Its Environment

Social Studies, Geography, Science
3 to 5 lessons
To understand the interactions between a species and its environment
Using a variety of Web-based resources, students will research an endangered species in Canada and create a multimedia presentation that answers the question “What challenges would you face as this endangered species?”

Lesson Plan


The ecosystem is a system of interacting living and non-living elements -- anatomy, physiology, habitat, food sources, breeding habits, life cycle stages, natural predators, and so on. It is the interaction among these diverse factors that often leads to devastating consequences.

The Task

Students will work alone, in pairs, or in small groups to study a threatened Canadian species and the unique challenges it faces, and then create a multimedia presentation that answers the question: What challenges would you face as this endangered species?

The Process

Have students choose a Canadian species that is threatened or endangered. As a starting point for their research, they can explore the topic Endangered Species in Canada on the CBC Digital Archives website, especially the clips 'The way of the Dodo,' ' Skinks are sexy too,' 'Rare bears,' 'Noah meets Old MacDonald,' 'Ghosts of the Maritime woods,' 'Caribou comeback' and 'Get out the dirty laundry.'  They can then expand their search to include other unbiased sources, including but not limited to books, pamphlets, journals, the internet, videos, newspapers, and interviews. Remind students to keep careful notes and to cite all sources used or consulted.

Students will compile their information and save it in CD format. Their presentations can include text, graphics, music, slides, and any other multimedia elements they wish.


Students will present their projects to the rest of class and be prepared to answer questions.

Consider coordinating the presentations with a class visit to the local zoo, where students can observe an endangered species from another ecosystem.

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