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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: A Position Paper on the World Anti-Doping Agency

Social Studies, English Language Arts
2 lessons
To write a position paper about an international issue
Students write position papers about the current effectiveness of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Lesson Plan

Before Exploring

Have a discussion with the students about the use of performance-enhancing drugs and why drug use is so prevalent in competitive sports.

Using the following quote as a prompt, "Athletes are always a step ahead of any testing program," debate the current expectations society has of its athletes being successful at international competitions. You might also discuss the merits of rewarding athletes financially for winning an Olympic medal.

Outline the Opportunity

Have students briefly review the topic Running Off Track: The Ben Johnson Story on the CBC Digital Archives website.  They will then research the information provided about the World Anti-Doping Agency on the agency's website: www.wada-ama.org. With the information they have gathered, students will write a position paper on whether or not the World Anti-Doping Agency is making headway in decreasing the use of performance-enhancing drugs in amateur and professional sports. Student should also examine the information presented in the Links on WADA's website. Students should present their arguments in a multi-paragraph composition that includes a clear thesis in the introduction.

Revisit and Reflect

After writing their papers on the success of the World Anti-Doping Agency and its initiatives, students can share their findings in small groups or as a whole class. Ensure that there is a moderator for each session to allow for quality debate to take place.


Students can review the website of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (www.cces.ca). Interested students could examine the current issues facing this Canadian organization and compare it to the newsletter on WADA's website.


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