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Lesson Plan: For Teachers: What You Need to Know About Antonine Maillet

English Language Arts
3 lessons
To investigate and research the life and works of a writer.
Using a variety of web-based resources, students use the medium of their choice to inform English Canadians about Antonine Maillet, her culture, and her works.

Lesson Plan


Antonine Maillet has fought to keep her Acadian culture alive and share it with the rest of the world. She uses the Acadian dialect to further her goal that people know the Acadian language is "decent, good, and rich." She was the first author to ever write in the old Acadian dialect. She has won Europe's Prix Goncourt, the continent's most important literary award, yet has very little recognition in English Canada. To recognize her, as she says, is to recognize her people.

The Task

What do all Canadians need to know about Antonine Maillet and Acadian culture? Students will use this question as their guide as they research and then use the medium of their choice to relay the information they find. Final products might include a report, speech, poster, pamphlet, collage, essay, or seminar (see the download sheet What You Need to Know).

The Process

Students begin their research with the topic Antonine Maillet, Acadian Avenger on the CBC Digital Archives website. They then expand their research to include relevant online and print resources. Students can take notes using the graphic organizer on the download sheet What You Need to Know About Antonine Maillet or another organizer of their choice. Students should write an outline for their project, create a rough draft, and have it peer-edited before gathering all of the materials necessary to complete the final product. Students must cite all sources used. The final product should be creative, informative, appealing to its audience, and suitable for display or presentation.


Students will share, present, or deliver their final product.

Assessment Tip:

Students will:

Demonstrate an understanding of the information,

Demonstrate critical thinking skills,

Demonstrate inquiry skills,

Select Appropriate resources,

Communicate appropriately for audience and purpose,

Communicate information and ideas through logical organization,

Communicate information with specific evidence for support, and

Apply written and/or oral communication and media conventions and techniques (e.g., show unity and use effects).

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