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Marc Garneau, live from space

The Story

It's their second day in space, and seven giddy astronauts are trying to keep their composure for a press interview. From Montreal, a Canadian journalist asks, "What has most moved you, Marc Garneau?" Garneau, now serious, answers, "It would have to be the view of the earth. When you look out at your own planet and see absolutely out-of-this-world incredible views of entire subcontinents, you begin to appreciate what the world is really like."

Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: Oct. 9, 1984
Guest(s): Marc Garneau
Host: Knowlton Nash
Reporter: Eve Savory
Duration: 2:02

Did You know?

• Garneau had a cluster of space experiments to complete for Canada. The experiments focused on the body's response to outer space, ranging from the sensitivity of nerve endings to the nature of motion sickness. As a naval officer, Garneau used to get seasick, and thought he would have a similar response to space. Luckily, his body acclimatized perfectly to zero gravity and he never got sick.

• For eight days the seven astronauts orbited the earth once every 90 minutes, a total of 133 times, at a speed of 27, 000 km/h. The total distance covered was more than 5.3 million kilometres.
• NASA has no formal physical training regimen, but astronauts need to be in excellent physical shape. Before the mission, Garneau stayed in good shape by doing the sports he always enjoyed: swimming, jogging and playing squash.



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