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Marc Garneau describes the International Space Station

The Story

A week ago, construction started on the first international space station. An exciting moment in manned space exploration, this space station will enable astronauts from around the world to cooperate on experiments in space 24-hours a day. In this conversation with CBC Radio reporter Avril Benoit, Garneau details the importance of this historical process. On his next mission, he'll be making a personal contribution to its construction.

Medium: Radio
Program: This Morning
Broadcast Date: Dec. 11, 1998
Guest(s): Marc Garneau
Host: Avril Benoît
Duration: 10:54

Did You know?

• The first two modules of the ISS were launched in 1998 and the crew arrived in 2000. The modules, called Unity and Zarya, are Russian built, pressurized spaces where astronauts can work, as Garneau calls it, "in their shirtsleeves."


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