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Marc Garneau back in space in 1996

The Story

Much to his delight, Garneau is finally aboard his second mission to space, this time on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. On this mission Garneau operates the Canadarm for the first time, reaching into the atmosphere to grab a satellite. When he's not working, Garneau puts classical music on his Walkman and blissfully floats through the cabin, calling this the most perfect sensation in the world. "I'd love to float forever," he says. "It's wonderful."

Medium: Television
Program: The National Magazine
Broadcast Date: May 20, 1996
Guest(s): Bob McDonald
Reporter: Peter Mansbridge
Duration: 2:09
Photo: NASA

Did You know?

• In August 1992 Garneau moved to Texas to train at the Johnson Space Centre as a mission specialist. In this role he was responsible for coordinating onboard operations and conducting experiments and activities.
• His training included reading manuals, taking computer-based lessons on the various shuttle systems and practicing on mock-ups and training simulators. He had to be familiarized with all shuttle operations, from pre-launch to landing.

• Garneau trained eight months for this flight, an optimal amount of time. NASA's training system is designed for astronauts to peak at the time of their flight by building up their endurance and developing a perfect rhythm.


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