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John Prine at Mariposa in 1972

The Story

"I always believed in my songs," says singer-songwriter John Prine. He's in Toronto for the 1972 Mariposa Folk Festival on the Toronto Islands. In a chat with CBC Radio's Sunday and Friends host Wayne Grigsby, Prine recalls writing his anti-Vietnam War song, Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore, while working his route as a mailman in Chicago. He also talks about early influences on his music and how he got his start as a musician and left his job with the post office. They also discuss Nashville, advice Prine got from Kris Kristofferson, and his reaction to his swift rise to fame.

Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday and Friends
Broadcast Date: Sept. 17, 1972
Host: Wayne Grigsby
Guest: John Prine
Duration: 5:26


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