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Ottawa’s Peace Tower goes digital

The Story

Heritage Minister Sheila Copps unveils the new plan for Ottawa's Peace Tower today: it's going digital. She says it will ensure that school children don't have to learn to tell time. She also says it may be renamed the Disneyworld tower. Canada is a with-it place and should reflect the changing times, according to Copps in this CBC Radio report. Oh, and it even comes with a snooze button!

Medium: Radio
Program: As It Happens
Broadcast Date: April 1, 1996
Guest(s): Sheila Copps
Host: Barbara Budd
Reporter: Ashley Wright
Duration: 3:32

Did You know?

• The Toronto Star called the Copps prank "creaky," and the Ottawa Citizen published an article the next day called "Radio jokers confuse listeners, upset officials."

• The article referred to a few April Fools' radio broadcasts. Ottawa's CHEZ 106 told people it was the last day the $2 bill was legal tender. A Toronto station broadcast a fake Yonge St. 200th anniversary parade.

• The Citizen article began with the line: "Ha ha ha… those radio guys are sooo funny."

• Those newspaper people are sooo serious.


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