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Pattison '86

When Venture first launched in 1985, one stated goal was to be a TV version of the Wall Street Journal's front page: lively, lucid and wide-ranging. It's about business, but it's not just for businessmen and businesswomen. Venture covered all the aspects of the economy in Canada and beyond: prices, profits, personnel, innovation and ideas as they affect any business. From farms to fishing boats, boardrooms to barbershops, Venture was about the business of making a living.

British Columbia businessman Jimmy Pattison built up a $400-million business empire, but his toughest task is still to come. As head of Vancouver's 1986 World Exposition, he's taken on  a high-stakes project. Expo 86 is expected to cost $800 million and, like most world's fairs, is not expected to turn a profit. Pattison is working to create an event to sell Vancouver to the world - and he's doing it for $1 per year.
•  Expo 86 was considered a success, owing to its attendance figures. While organizers forecast 13.5-15 million attendees, Expo 86 drew over 22 million.

•  The world's fair was not a financial success, though; it ran a $337-million deficit. Most world's fairs did not reap a profit, but one exception was the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, Tenn., which turned a profit of $57 US.

Medium: Television
Program: Venture
Broadcast Date: Feb. 11, 1985
Guest(s): Bob Allen, Roy Gauthier, Jimmy Pattison
Host: Patrick Watson
Duration: 7:38

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