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Tabloid celebrates Japanese culture in Canada

It was a public affairs show with a variety feel. Tabloid's jovial first host Dick MacDougal and weatherman Percy Saltzman cracked so many jokes that some viewers complained they weren't serious enough. Debuting in 1953 as "a program with an interest in anything that happens anywhere," technology in TV's early days meant "everywhere" was Toronto. Powerhouse Ross McLean produced the show and hosts Elaine Grand and Joyce Davidson broke ground for female broadcasters.

Seven years after the government lifted the last Second World War-imposed restrictions on their rights, Japanese Canadians are rebuilding their lives and culture. And, as this 1956 Tabloid episode shows, Canadians have a lot to learn. Sporting a judo suit, host Dick MacDougal puzzles over the difference between Chinese and Japanese food, as guest Gloria Sato shows him how to make suki yaki. Other guests demonstrate sword dancing, flower arranging, judo and how to wear a kimono. Percy Saltzman is at the top of his game delivering the day's weather.
• In 1877, Manzo Nagano, a young Japanese worker, snuck off the ship he had stowed away on in Yokohama and walked onto the shores of British Columbia, becoming Canada's first reported Japanese immigrant. • After Japan's 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour, the Canadian government began stripping Japanese Canadians of their rights, interning the 22,000-strong Japanese community in camps.

• At the War's end, Japanese Canadians were told they could either be "repatriated" to Japan (which many read as forced deportation), or be split up and dispersed throughout Canada. The dispersal severed many cultural, language and community ties that had existed in the tightly-knit Japanese communities prior to the Second World War. For more on Japanese internment, and its repercussions, see Relocation to Redress: The Internment of the Japanese Canadians.

Medium: Television
Program: Tabloid Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Oct. 23, 1956 Medium: Television
Guest(s): Frank Hatashita, Patsy Yuriko Hatashita, Mrs. Hayashi, Toshi Ikawa, Mrs. Kagetsu, Satamo Sato, Gloria Sato, Taro Sugi, Mrs. Takahashi Medium: Television
Announcer: Gil Christy Medium: Television
Host: Percy Saltzman, Dick MacDougal Medium: Television
Interviewer: Rex Loring, Joyce Davidson Medium: Television
Duration: 27:04

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