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Mansbridge One on One: Patricia Croft

Peter Mansbridge is considered by many to be one of the most trusted faces in Canadian news. In his half-hour interview program called Mansbridge One on One, which still airs on CBC-TV, the renowned anchor and journalist speaks with fascinating people from all walks of life. Since it began airing in 1999, Mansbridge has interviewed politicians, business leaders, authors, activists, artists, journalists, and an eclectic variety of other various notable newsmakers.

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High performance technology funds are sweeping across markets, causing many to believe the world is shifting toward a new economy. "We're in the midst of the third industrial revolution," declares Canadian economist Patricia Croft in this 2000 interview. She sits down with Peter Mansbridge to explain why people are putting their money in technology, and how this major market shift is impacting investing as we know it.
• A graduate in economics from the University of Toronto, Patricia Croft has served as chief economist at several leading Canadian financial institutions, including Sceptre Investment Counsel and Royal Bank of Canada Global Asset Management.

• In a December 2004 Financial Post article she warned of a declining U.S. economy, noting, "It's not a pretty picture. The savings rate is essentially zero, jobs growth is iffy and monetary and fiscal stimulus are coming to an end."
Medium: Television
Program: Mansbridge One on One
Broadcast Date: March 12, 2000
Guest(s): Patricia Croft
Interviewer: Peter Mansbridge
Duration: 22:29

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