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Mansbridge One on One: Jocelyn Hainsworth

Peter Mansbridge is considered by many to be one of the most trusted faces in Canadian news. In his half-hour interview program called Mansbridge One on One, which still airs on CBC-TV, the renowned anchor and journalist speaks with fascinating people from all walks of life. Since it began airing in 1999, Mansbridge has interviewed politicians, business leaders, authors, activists, artists, journalists, and an eclectic variety of other various notable newsmakers.

"How bad is the situation on the farm for the individual farmer?" asks Peter Mansbridge in this 1999 episode of Mansbridge One on One. He's interviewing Saskatchewan's Jocelyn Hainsworth, a regular columnist for CBC.ca who writes about the plight of the Prairie farmer. A farmer herself, Hainsworth knows what a struggle it is to farm in the 1990s: "When you put all your waking hours into your livelihood and something that you love, and you watch it draining away ... it makes you old before your time."
• Over the past few decades, threats to the family farm have ranged from the high cost of land and crippling interest rates to corporate competition and encroaching cities. For an in-depth look at the troubles facing the family farm in Canada, please see the CBC Digital Archives topic What's Happening to the Family Farm?

• As briefly mentioned in this clip, there is a hotline in Saskatchewan called the Saskatchewan Farm Stress Line. The province of Saskatchewan introduced this telephone counselling service in 1992 for farmers facing financial, family or personal crisis.

• The Farm Stress Line was intended as a temporary measure, but as of 2008 it was still operating.

• Hainsworth's column on farming ran on CBCNews.ca until 2005.

Medium: Television
Program: Mansbridge One on One
Broadcast Date: Sept. 26, 1999
Guest(s): Jocelyn Hainsworth
Interviewer: Peter Mansbridge
Duration: 22:21

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