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Howie Meeker Hockey School: Stick tricks

Howie Meeker Hockey School changed the way kids learned Canada's game. From 1973 to 1977, CBC Television captured the lessons and spirit of the school with four seasons of Howie Meeker Hockey School aired on the full network. Truly one of the greats of the game, the former Toronto Maple Leaf brought his incredible knowledge of hockey and endless enthusiasm as a coach to players, coaches and fans across the country. In 15 minute-long episodes, Meeker puts a class of young skaters in St. John's through their paces, teaching the fundamental skills needed to play hockey.

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In this all hockey sticks episode, Howie Meeker says "a stick [that's] chin high sets puck handling back 20 years." After showing how a long stick practically turns a boy into a one-handed hockey player, Meeker offers this recommendation: take nine inches off a boy's height, and that's where to cut his stick. Shopping for a new stick? Meeker says look for feel, personality and balance. And forget curved blades, because boys have to learn the skills first.
• Stan Mikita is credited with innovating the curved-blade hockey stick. A top scoring forward for 22 years with the Chicago Blackhawks, Mikita was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983.
Medium: Television
Program: Howie Meeker Hockey School
Broadcast Date: Nov. 28, 1976
Host: Howie Meeker
Duration: 11:12

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