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Howie Meeker Hockey School: Perfecting the pass-and-shoot

Howie Meeker Hockey School changed the way kids learned Canada's game. From 1973 to 1977, CBC Television captured the lessons and spirit of the school with four seasons of Howie Meeker Hockey School aired on the full network. Truly one of the greats of the game, the former Toronto Maple Leaf brought his incredible knowledge of hockey and endless enthusiasm as a coach to players, coaches and fans across the country. In 15 minute-long episodes, Meeker puts a class of young skaters in St. John's through their paces, teaching the fundamental skills needed to play hockey.

Coaches may tear their hair out at the mention of it, but Howie Meeker says the "two-footed stop" drill is the greatest thing ever. Not only does the drill get kids to think and brings discipline to their game, Meeker claims they'd rather do this than scrimmage. Mapping out the course in marker on rink diagrams, Meeker walks coaches and players alike through this complex pass-and-shoot exercise that hones key forward and goaltending skills both mentally and physically.
• In his 1975 book More Hockey Basics, Howie Meeker explains this drill in detail and provides rink diagrams. He challenges coaches to teach this drill to kids aged nine to 12, saying that it's the ideal mental warm-up to get the kids thinking right from the start of practice. He also suggests that until a team can really do this drill, it's not ready for game philosophy or maybe even lessons on checking.
Medium: Television
Program: Howie Meeker Hockey School
Broadcast Date: Jan. 23, 1977
Host: Howie Meeker
Duration: 11:04

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